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6877 Ft. Elevation 7500 dollars for four lots, 500 down 189 month for 48 months Vernon AZ 541-982-9291In this economy, many of us, including me (early retired, went back to work) consider making changes. Myself, I visited and created groups in 100 towns, trying to figure out where to land (done with California!).
Ripe for the move, low real estate costs (have recovered to 80% of what they were before the crash) North Eastern Arizona was my choice.
if you are considering such a move, we offer half day tours of the area, attractions, night life, and locals..( a bunch of people who moved here from Texas, Illinois, name it) of Navajo and Apache counties for six people: $100, plus discounts on local food, drink, lodging, complete with a local guide to drive you:

North Eastern Arizona was my choice Navajo and Apache County 541-982-9291


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